Temporary Air Conditioning for Large Industrial Warehouse in Sydney


Written by Craig Boyle on 15 Oct 2020


One of our past clients was a building maintenance company for a large industrial warehouse in Sydney that employs over 100 workers. The building itself consists of a large warehouse, offices, a lunchroom, and a security room at the entrance. The air conditioner was designed to cool down the lunchroom, offices, and the security room, but doesn’t provide cooling to the warehouse area. This is relatively common in many industrial buildings.


The client faced an issue where the air conditioning for the entire building failed. Since the air conditioner was mounted on the building roof, it was out of reach for many cranes and could not be replaced easily. In fact, it would have taken a helicopter to remove and replace the existing air conditioner with a new unit, which would have been an extremely costly task to undertake.

Temporary Air Conditioning for the lunch room of a large industrial warehouse

To save massive replacement costs, our building maintenance client needed a few weeks to diagnose and fix the issue instead of replacing the entire system.

Unfortunately, this problem occurred right in the middle of summer, which made communal areas like the lunchroom, offices and security room unbearably hot. In order to ensure staff remained cool and comfortable, the client needed a temporary cooling solution while the air conditioner breakdown was being fixed.


After assessing the situation and space available within the warehouse, the Precision Air Rental team recommended 8 units of the 4.5kW commercial air conditioners to be placed in the lunchroom. Another 6 commercial air conditioners were added to cool down the office areas and security room.

The 4.5kW commercial air conditioners proved to be the ideal solution because they are able to cool down spaces of up to 30-sqm each and can operate off standard 10amp power outlets. This meant no special installations were needed for these temporary air conditioners.

Industrial Warehouse Temporary Air Conditioning
Temporary air conditioning solutions

A total of 14 commercial air conditioners were hired for a period of 5 weeks to provide temporary cooling while the existing air conditioner was being fixed. The Precision Air Rental team also made sure hot air was vented into the ceiling and sealed to prevent it from re-entering the rooms. This provided good air circulation and kept the interior spaces cool despite the soaring temperatures outside.


With the temporary cooling solution provided on the same day, the building maintenance company had the flexibility to repair the air conditioner at a fraction of the cost of complete replacement. During this time, they were able to ensure that the office and communal areas were kept cool and comfortable, which was a welcome respite for the warehouse employees.

The client was pleased with the quick and efficient service provided by Precision Air Rental – making sure everything was installed and ready to go within hours of the problem occurring. There was absolutely no trouble with the commercial air conditioners and business went on as usual for the warehouse facility with minimal interruption.

Every warehouse and industrial facility is different, which is why this portable air conditioner selection guide will help. If you ever have to deal with an air conditioning issue, contact the experts at Precision Air Rental. Our experienced team will help you find the most suitable options for your needs at industry competitive prices.

Craig Boyle

Craig Boyle

Craig is the owner of Precision Air Rental and has been in the air conditioning industry for nearly 10 years. When your building is stifling hot in the middle of summer and you need help cooling it down, Craig and his team will come to the rescue!


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