4.5KW Portable Air Conditioners

Since the very beginning of our operations, Precision Air Rental has been committed to providing Sydney with the absolute finest strategic portable cooling solutions. Homes, rental units and businesses of all kinds turn to us to help them bring cooling relief to their properties. Since the very beginning, we have offered commercial grade 4.5KW Portable Air Conditioning Units.

Sometimes our portable air conditioning units are only installed for a short period of time such as during large event like a concert. In other cases these units provide cooling comfort for indefinite amounts of time. Portable air conditioning systems offer customers amazing utility and flexibility.

The 4.5KW Portable Air Conditioner is the absolute best choice to bring into your property. Amazingly powerful while still being efficient to run and operate, the 4.5KW Portable AC is true commercial cooling solution.

4.5KW Portable Air Conditioners

4.5KW Portable Air Conditioners are the premier commercial choice for providing strategic cooling comfort to all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial settings. Whether being utilized for a short or long period of time, the 4.5KW Portable AC is the absolute best choice for true, state of the art, commercial cooling.

These units are the strategic cooling solution that Precision Air Rental hires out to satisfied families and business owners across New South Wales. Portable climate control systems such as 4.5KW air conditioners provide customers with the ability to move cooling to where it is needed most. Because these units are relatively small, they can be fit discretely without compromising the aesthetics of your space.

Many choose 4.5KW portable air conditioning units because they are extremely efficient and can help to reduce costs.

Finally, because these units also dehumidify air, they can bring relief that goes beyond simply reductions in temperature. For many people, humidity can trigger breathing issues in the worst cases and represents a nuisance which negatively contributes to comfort.

Being able to address humidity, while also bringing cool and refreshing air to your space could be just what you need to boost the productivity and inspiration of your family or work force.

It really doesn’t matter why you are considering a 4.5KW portable air conditioner, if you have a question or concern of any kind about how one of these units could help to improve the quality of your life, our customer service department is standing by and waiting to field your call.

The Precision Air Rental Difference

As the premier provider of strategic cooling solutions, Precision Air Rental is happy to only rent or hire state of the art 4.5KW Commercial Grade Portable Air Conditioners. These systems bring cooling comfort and relief to even the warmest and most humid of environments. You won’t believe how good the cool air of our 4.5KW portable air conditioner will feel!

To learn more about what a 4.5KW System can do to bring comfort to your space, call us today at +02 9626 6945

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