Portable Air Conditioners & Coolers Available For Hire in Sydney

Sydney's most reliable Portable Air Conditioners, Evaporative Coolers and Fans to keep your home or business cool.

We have the newest, most reliable range of portable air conditioners for hire in Sydney. Air conditioning hire is perfect for commercial buildings such as offices and retail, industrial facilities and homes. Our air conditioning experts can deliver, set up and guide you through how to use your temporary air conditioner to keep your building cool.

Evaporative coolers are an energy-efficient solution to cool down large spaces, as well as provide spot cooling for outdoor events. Our evaporative coolers are designed to provide high-volume airflow to help cool down industrial facilities and venues. They consume less power than conventional air conditioning, which makes them a cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution.

Industrial fans are a low-cost solution to improve airflow and spot cooling for businesses and events, as well as to help ventilate spaces. Our fans can help you create a beneficial environment for your workforce and equipment by reducing fumes, gasses, and hot air.

Precision Air Rental’s Portable Air Conditioner Guide

At Precision Air Rental we specialize in providing our customers with strategic climate control where and when they need it. We offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are happy to meet our customers wherever they are in Sydney to install the perfect portable air conditioning solution for their property.

Portable air conditioning systems are an easy and convenient choice that works for many customers across New South Wales. These systems offer incredible cooling comfort and are tremendously easy to power on or off, as they are needed. Because they can be set up and broken down so easily, portable air conditioners are excellent for both short or long term use. Precision Air Rental portable air conditioners have an exceptionally low profile and fit discretely in almost any space.

This portable air conditioner guide is designed to be a resource that assists our customers to understand why we recommend 4.5kw Portable Air Conditioners as the premier solution for cooling homes and businesses across Sydney, Australia.

4.5KW Portable Air Conditioners

4.5KW Portable Air Conditioners are the premier commercial choice for providing strategic cooling comfort to all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Whether being utilized for a short or long period of time, the 4.5KW Portable AC is the absolute best choice for true, state of the art, commercial cooling.

These units are the strategic cooling solution that Precision Air Rental hires out to satisfied families and business owners across New South Wales.

To learn more about how a 4.5KW Portable Air Conditioner can help you get the climate just right, call us today at +02 9626 6945!

5.7kW Home Air Conditioner

The mobile 5.7kW portable air conditioner is ideal to provide comfort in a small environment. This portable air conditioner is easily installed and is fitted with a user-friendly control pad, allowing temperature alterations at the touch of a button in a whisper-quiet environment. The variable louvre swing and speed allow the operator complete piece of mind. This portable air conditioner is ideal for small to medium-sized offices.

36″ Commercial Evaporative Coolers

The 36″ variable speed portable evaporative cooler can easily reduce the temperature in all your hard-to-cool areas. A comfortable work site is a productive work site.

650mm 3 speed Industrialist Pedestal Fans

These pedestal fans move large volumes of air, ensuring good circulation and a cool environment. The Industrial Pedestal Fan is suited to industrial applications of air circulation and cooling in large factories and warehouses.

Let Us Help You Get The Climate Just Right!

An investment in climate control is an investment in the health, comfort and productivity of your families or staff.

Just imagine how much better you will feel once one of our powerful and efficient, state of the art 4.5KW Portable Air Conditioners, is operating on your property.

The time to step into cooling comfort is now, call Precision Air Rental at +02 9626 6945 and let us help get the climate just right for you!

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