36'' Evaporative Cooler Hire

36" Evaporative Cooler Overview

36" Evaporative Cooler Features

Ideal for large factories and work sites, our 36" evaporative coolers are capable of cooling larger areas up to 270-sqm and are most effective in hot, dry environments.

Energy Efficient

Modern technologies mean our evaporative coolers are more energy-efficient, which lowers electricity consumption and keeps costs under control. They add moisture to extremely dry rooms in factories, industrial buildings and facilities.

Cools open areas up to 270 sqm

Built for performance, our evaporative coolers are capable of cooling large areas up to 270sqm without compromise. We combine this with regular maintenance and a 100% up-time record to ensure minimal interruption to your business.

Compact & Portable

Our evaporative coolers are compact and can be moved around a facility provided there is access to water supply. This enhanced flexibility enables you to create the most optimum working environment for greater productivity.

What is the 36" Evaporative Cooler best for?

Evaporative cooler hire is best suited to hot, dry environments that may benefit from cooler temperatures, ventilation and additional air moisture.



In large factories that require ventilation, evaporative coolers are an energy efficient option to keep temperatures low and avoid overheating of products and machinery during operations.

evaporative cooler


In warehouses and production and distribution facilities, evaporative coolers provide a steady stream of fresh, cool air to maintain good air circulation and comfort in your facility

Evaporative Cooler Hire


If you need cooling for an event which will be held in a large open space (either indoors and outdoors), conventionally air conditioning can be extremely costly and ineffective. Our 36" evaporative coolers can effectively cool down guests at events with 13500 CFM of airflow.

Considerations before you hire a 36" Evaporative Cooler

Best Climate

The evaporative cooler works best in dry, hot conditions and is relatively ineffective when the weather is more humid. It is ideal in situations where the windows need to be kept open for better air circulation throughout the work facility.


Evap coolers are a good choice in hot and dry settings. For higher humidity days, an evaporative cooler will be less effective than air conditioner hire.

Reliable Evaporative Coolers

Precision Air Rental stocks the newest, most reliable evaporative coolers, portable air conditioners and industrial fans for different applications – giving you a complete and easy solution.

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