Sydney’s Best Home Air Conditioner Rentals

Keep your home cool this summer with Sydney's most reliable portable air conditioner rentals.

From $235 per week + $100 delivery + GST. Delivery and set up included. No minimum contract.

5.7kW Air Conditioner Hire

/ week + GST & delivery
Bulk and long-term discounts available.
  • Perfect for homes, apartments or small offices
  • Quiet operation eliminates distractions
  • Delivers ideal temperatures for greater comfort
  • Easy to operate with different temperature control settings
  • Variable louvre swing and speed provides more control during the cooling process
  • Delivery and installation included by our experienced technicians
  • Dimensions 330mm (w) x 540mm (d) x 700mm (h)

    4.5kW Commercial Air Conditioner Hire

    / week + GST & delivery
    Bulk and long-term discounts available.
    • Perfect for residential, commercial, office, retail and industrial environments
    • Portable units can be placed in any location
    • Extremely efficient to run, keeping your costs low
    • Quiet performance minimises noise
    • Easy to operate with multiple temperature control settings
    • Delivery and installation included by our experienced technicians
    • Dimensions 490mm (w) x 650mm (d) x 1045mm (h)

      Cool your home down today - Fast delivery and set up

      • Instant online ordering
      • Quick delivery and set up
      • Cools rooms down fast
      • Vent kit setup & installation included
      • 24 hour replacement guarantee
      • Super-Clean air conditioners to keep your family safe

      There’s nothing worse than your home’s air conditioning failing smack in the middle of the hottest summer day in Sydney. Precision Air Rental can help you cool down your rooms quick with our fast delivery and installation service. Our air conditioners are always kept in perfect condition to keep the air pure and your family safe.

      Call now for priority service

      5.7kw Air Conditioner Hire
      $235 per week
      (Excluding GST)
      Residential Customers Only

      5.7kW Air Conditioner
      Delivery Price Table
      (Excluding GST)

      Air Conditioner Rental
      Weekday Saturday Sunday Public Holiday
      9am-5pm, no stairs $100 $200 $250 $300
      9am-5pm, stairs $150 $250 $300 $350
      After hours, no stairs $150 $250 $300 $350
      After hours, stairs $200 $300 $350 $400
      Weekday Saturday
      9am-5pm, no stairs $100 $200
      9am-5pm, stairs $150 $250
      After hours, no stairs $150 $250
      After hours, stairs $200 $300
      Sunday Public Holiday
      9am-5pm, no stairs $250 $300
      9am-5pm, stairs $300 $350
      After hours, no stairs $300 $350
      After hours, stairs $350 $400

      Clean Portable Air conditioners Rentals to keep your family safe

      If you want your family to stay as healthy as possible in a safe and comfortable environment, your air conditioning system must be clean and efficient – free from dust and allergens – to maintain good air quality and prevent respiratory issues.

      At Precision Air Rental, our temporary air conditioners are not only some of the latest and most efficient models in Sydney, but we also take excellent care of them to keep them clean – ensuring they remain in excellent working condition for the entire time they are in your home.

      Why Choose Precision Air Rental?

      Quick and efficient delivery and installation

      If your existing cooling system fails, we’ll deliver and install temporary air conditioners quickly as per your request – making your home as comfortable as possible once again.

      Newest, cleanest, most reliable air conditioners in Sydney

      We stock the latest models in the market and service our air conditioners regularly – preventing unexpected breakdowns and maintaining air quality to keep your family comfortable and safe.

      100% up-time track-record and Guaranteed replacement

      We have a strong track record of stocking some of the most reliable air conditioners in Sydney and offer a 24-hour replacement guarantee in case of a rare failure.

      See what our customers have to say

      Precision Air Rental has always been my top choice whenever I need air conditioning hire. Craig and his team always make sure that we are happy with their service. I don’t think I’d get this level of satisfaction from another company. A+ for you guys.


      Laura Wicken

      My wife and I are repeat customers of Craig Boyle. We always contact his team at Precision Air Rental whenever we need to hire a portable air conditioner. They installed the unit efficiently and they remained professional yet fun to talk to, as always.


      Dominic Neilson

      Temporary Air conditioning for all homes

      Our temporary air conditioners are suitable for all types of homes, including –

      • Standalone houses
      • Semi-detached houses
      • Apartment units
      • Terraces
      • Duplex properties
      • Townhouses

      Sydney’s most reliable Home air conditioning rentals

      At Precision Air Rental, our air conditioners are designed to keep you comfortable when the outside temperature is less than pleasant. We will deliver and professionally install the unit in an inconspicuous location in your home, whether you need it quickly or an alternative pre-planned date.

      As specialists, we take good care to ensure long-term durability of our cooling systems – proven by our 100% up-time track record. And just in case there is an issue, you can rest assured with our 24-hour replacement guarantee. Just give us a call; we are available 24/7.

      Quiet air conditioning for your Home

      A noisy air conditioner running in your home can be extremely stressful, especially if you need to sleep, take important work calls or concentrate on specific tasks. Your air conditioning should be able to provide comfortable temperatures without being a loud nuisance.

      Precision Air Rental stocks portable air conditioners that are so quiet, they are perfect when noise is a problem. They have a maximum noise level of just 56dB, which is equivalent to a quiet conversation. This makes it so much easier for you or your children to sleep or spend time at home peacefully.

      Domestic air conditioner hire from Sydney’s Expert air conditioning Rental Company

      During the hot summer months in Sydney, air conditioning is an invaluable way to create a cool environment and make your home liveable.

      Precision Air Rental can take care of all your temporary air conditioning needs with the most appropriate solutions. Whether you’re renting and cannot install a fixed air conditioner or if your existing cooling system has broken down in your home or office, Precision Air Rental has compact, portable air conditioners perfectly suited to your needs.

      The best thing about a portable air conditioner is it is easy to install in any location. We ensure sure it is as discreet and quiet, so no one in your house or office even notices it. Their almost noiseless operation makes them ideal choices for your bedrooms, studies and baby rooms.

      We stock the latest, most reliable and energy efficient portable air conditioners in Sydney – making sure you stay cool and comfortable without forcing you to cool down your entire house or office if not necessary.

      If you have a specific requirement for your home or office, give us a call. We can help you identify the best solutions unique to your needs.