Sydney Industrial Fan Hire

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  • Newest, most reliable Industrial fans in Sydney
  • 100% up-time track-record and Guaranteed replacement

650mm Industrial Fan Hire

/ week + GST & delivery
Bulk and long-term discounts available.
  • Perfect for commercial and retail facilities like gyms, warehouses and factories
  • Industrial quality provides 24-hour operation
  • Provides good circulation and cooler temperatures to improve productivity
  • Energy-efficient motor with 3 different fan speed settings
  • Vertical tilt adjustment and 90-degree oscillation for good coverage

    Is an Industrial Fan Right for my building/business?

    An industrial fan is right for your building/business if:

    • You’re in an open space that cannot be cooled down by conventional air conditioning
    • You need to keep a space cool and ventilated
    • You need to improve air flow and coverage in spaces which cannot be done by an AC
    • You need constant air flow to cool or dry certain applications
    • You need to remove gasses, fumes or odours in your facility

    What are industrial fans best for?

    Industrial fans can deliver the best working conditions by reducing humidity, providing comfortable temperatures, removing odours and gaseous fumes, and regulating air circulation. They are ideal for spaces that cannot be served by conventional air conditioners in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, automotive plants, mining facilities, construction sites, gymnasiums, commercial buildings, and event marquees.

    Industrial Fan vs Evaporative Cooler vs Portable Air conditioner

    Industrial fans Evaporative coolers Portable air conditioners
    • Energy efficient
    • Circulates fresh air
    • Does not cool as efficiently as evaporative coolers or air conditioners
    • Fan speed control
    • Energy efficient
    • Regulates and circulates fresh air
    • Not as effective in humid climates
    • Cools down any space and adds moisture if needed
    • Fan speed control
    • Higher energy consumption
    • Filters out pollutants and dust to purify air
    • Most effective choice for cooling and dehumidifying needs
    • Complete temperature control

    What option is best?

    From our experience, portable air conditioners are the most reliable method of cooling down a space, in most situations. However, depending on the size, location, purpose and number of occupants in your facility, there could be better options.

    The best way to find out how to cool down your building or space is to consult the experts at Precision Air Rental to help you choose the best options for your workplace needs.

    Fan Hire Services



    We have cost-effective and well-designed fan hire solutions for your commercial building, office or retail shop needs.
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    Industrial air conditioner hire


    Whether you need to cool down a manufacturing facility with too many heat-generating machines or keep your construction workers cool, we have a solution for you.
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    Keeping your guests cool and comfortable is our top priority with cooling solutions that cater to different event settings.
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    Hire your Industrial Fan from Sydney’s Expert Cooling Rental Company

    As a specialist industrial fan hire business, Precision Air Rental has years of experience servicing several businesses throughout Sydney – from warehouses to retail shops to event marquees and more.

    When you want a complete cooling solution for your business, we can help you with planning, design, delivery, installation and ongoing service for the entire duration – whether you just need industrial fans or a combination of cooling solutions. We even offer fast delivery and installation for all emergency situations.

    We are committed to regular maintenance and upkeep of our industrial fan products, which means you’ll rarely have an issue. But we’re also available 24/7 to ensure everything operates smoothly with a replacement guarantee – giving you additional peace of mind.

    There are no hidden costs with our clear and upfront pricing, which allows you to accurately make budget forecasts and plan for the future. We can even work with you to determine the right budget for your specific needs.

    When you need to hire a promptly installed and expertly designed cooling solution for your industrial facility, give the professionals at Precision Air Rental a call and we will guide you – providing you with superior and reliable service, from start to finish.