5.7kW Portable Air Conditioner Hire

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5.7kw Air Conditioner Hire
$180 per week
(Excluding GST)
Residential Customers Only

5.7kW Air Conditioner
Delivery Price Table
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Air Conditioner Rental
WeekdaySaturdaySundayPublic Holiday
9am-5pm, no stairs$100$200$250$300
9am-5pm, stairs$150$250$300$350
After hours, no stairs$150$250$300$350
After hours, stairs$200$300$350$400
9am-5pm, no stairs$100$200
9am-5pm, stairs$150$250
After hours, no stairs$150$250
After hours, stairs$200$300
SundayPublic Holiday
9am-5pm, no stairs$250$300
9am-5pm, stairs$300$350
After hours, no stairs$300$350
After hours, stairs$350$400

Where Can our 5.7kW Air Conditioners be Used?

Incorporating the latest technologies, our 5.7kW reverse cycle air conditioners delivers ideal comfort in a smaller environment.

5.7kw air conditioner hire


For entire summers or during air conditioning breakdowns, the sleek 5.7kW unit can be used to spot cool specific rooms within the home and can be moved from one room to another.

5.7kw air conditioner hire

Home Offices

Small but powerful, this unit can be installed inconspicuously in any location to provide quiet and efficient cooling for single or multi-computer home office set ups.

Portable air conditioner hire

Smaller Offices

For smaller offices of less than 5 people, a single 5.7kW air conditioner could provide suitable cooling depending on the space and equipment in the room.

commercial air conditioner

Small Retail Stores

Smaller retail stores like mobile repair shops and or a specialty foods store will benefit from the flexibility and efficiency of this quiet 5.7kW unit that enables easy temperature control.

Top Features

Our 5.7kW air conditioners use the latest in modern technologies to provide quiet and efficient cooling with simple temperature control – providing greater comfort at the click of a button.


Convenient and flexible in placement, get efficient cooling and greater control through variable louvre swing and speed operation.

Excellent Temperature Control

Easily control temperatures through variable setting to optimise cooling for any room – at different times of the day.

Compact & Portable

A compact and portable unit can be placed literally anywhere without getting in the way of your day-to-day tasks.

Operates Quietly

A low noise level of just 56dB resembling a quiet conversation at most, making it easier to avoid distractions, and reduces interference with your sleep.

Why Precision Air Rental

We only stock the latest air conditioners and maintain them regularly, which is why we enjoy a 100% up-time record. You don’t need to lift a finger because we take care of everything.

Same Day Delivery

Easily control temperatures through variable setting to optimise cooling for any room – at different times of the day.

Set-Up and Installation Done For You

We take care of literally everything from set-up to installation to removal – taking care of everything while you simply sit back and enjoy the cool comfort.

Excellent Customer Support

Not only do we offer a 24-hour replacement guarantee but we also provide 24/7 customer support in case of any issue, so you can relax as we have you completely covered.

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