What Cooling Systems Are Best Suited For Events?


Written by Craig Boyle on 10 Jan 2024

Whether you’re hosting indoor gatherings or outdoor celebrations, it’s always ideal to prioritise guest comfort to ensure everything runs smoothly and successfully. Event cooling systems include portable air conditioners, evaporative coolers, or industrial fans—each intended for different settings. In this guide, we’ll go through the different options available and how to select the most effective cooling system for your next event. 

Types of Events that May Require Cooling 

Outdoor events like weddings, sports events, and music festivals, often held in the warmer months, can be extremely hot. It’s always practical to check whether there are any guidelines to follow to cool down the space. For example, NSW health guidelines for music festivals clearly outline strategies to reduce heat exposure, including using air conditioners and industrial fans. 

Corporate gatherings, trade shows, and conferences in large indoor spaces also benefit from adequate cooling. Understanding your event requirements can ensure appropriate cooling systems to maintain guest comfort and overall event success. 


Weddings often involve many people dressed in formal attire. This is unpleasant in a hot venue, so keeping things cool is a big deal. Outdoor ceremonies need subtle cooling solutions to maintain a comfortable atmosphere without disrupting the ceremony. Portable air conditioners and evaporative coolers with quiet operation are ideal. Remember that evaporative coolers work best in dry environments, so they may not always work for every event. 


If you’re having a party or gathering in a location that either doesn’t have air conditioning or the air conditioning isn’t sufficient, hiring a portable air conditioner could make the event much more pleasant for your guests. Common venues where you may need to hire an air conditioner include outdoor marquees that can become sweltering even in lower temperatures or community halls that often don’t have adequate cooling. 


You need air conditioning for large indoor conferences with many participants. Portable air conditioners are usually the best choice, as they can cool large areas or breakout meeting rooms to ensure cool temperatures and adequate circulation. 


Trade shows and exhibitions are usually held in big venues that require heavy-duty cooling. Combining cooling solutions such as commercial air conditioners and industrial fans may be necessary. In drier areas, evaporative coolers can also be used. Industrial fans keep the air flowing, and everyone feels cool and comfortable. 

Best Event Cooling Solutions 

Air Conditioners

Picture this: a sea of people, all dressed to the nines, standing shoulder to shoulder for hours. This can get hot and sticky without the right cooling, especially if you host your event in Sydney between December and February. Hiring an air conditioner is the most popular choice for events. They are ideal for combatting heat and humidity and work well for weddings, conferences, and other large events. The number of air conditioners you will need will depend on the size and capacity of the venue. 

We usually recommend the 4.5kW commercial air conditioner for corporate events due to its large capacity, which can cool up to 30 sqm. While factors may vary, this is a good guide for understanding how many units you may need. For smaller rooms and event spaces, we recommend the 5.7kW air conditioner. Our air conditioners are usually quiet in operation and ensure minimal disruption to your event. 

Evaporative Coolers 

Evaporative coolers pull in warm outside air and sprinkle it with a refreshing mist to cool down the inside area. Hiring evaporative coolers is ideal for outdoor events or events in industrial facilities and factories with a hot and dry climate and where the area is too big for an air conditioner to cool down adequately.

Remember that they need dry climates, so they don’t work as well in humid areas, according to the NSW Government’s BASIX help notes. For example, Western Sydney vs coastal suburbs. They also need constant water supply. It is important to understand the difference between portable evaporative coolers and air conditioners to make the best choice.

The 36” evaporative cooler is ideal for any events in factories and work sites, providing effective cooling for spaces up to 270sqm. 

Factors to Consider For Event Cooling 

Nobody wants to risk overheating! Here’s our breakdown of key factors for event planners to consider for event cooling:

Building Size 

The size of your venue plays a big role in keeping things cool and comfortable. A smaller capacity air conditioner or fan may be sufficient if you’re in a smaller space. But for those larger-than-life events, you may want to consider a combination of commercial air conditioners, industrial fans, and evaporative coolers where possible. 

Number of Attendees 

The number of people at your event makes a difference to the cooling you need. Big crowds mean body heat, so we need robust cooling solutions to maintain comfort. Getting a good estimate of attendees helps us set up systems that make everyone comfortable, create a cool vibe, and ensure your event is a hit!


Don’t forget to factor in Sydney’s sizzling temperatures during the warmer months when planning event cooling. Those scorching days can affect guests’ comfort, especially with potential health issues due to extreme heat. Keep track of the weather and plan accordingly when organising cooling for your event. 

Venue type

Choosing the right cooling for your event is a big deal. For outdoor events, portable evaporative coolers and industrial fans can work well. For indoor events, commercial air conditioners may be the more appropriate choice. In many cases, a combination of cooling options is ideal. 

Pre-Event Access 

Pre-event access is crucial for event cooling planning. Early access allows staff to plan and set up systems efficiently, especially for portable air conditioners requiring venting. It also gives us time to troubleshoot any issues ahead of time to ensure seamless installations before guests arrive. 

Choose the Right Cooling System For Your Event 

Choosing the appropriate cooling solution is important for your event’s success. Whether air conditioners, evaporative coolers, or industrial fans, understanding venue dynamics, guest numbers, and weather is essential. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario, as a combination of solutions may be necessary. 

If you’re looking for the best cooling system for your upcoming event, we’d love to help you. As an experienced portable air conditioning hire company in Sydney, we have a range of cooling solutions at competitive rates for your next event. 

Craig Boyle

Craig Boyle

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