What to look for before renting portable air conditioners?


Written by Craig Boyle on 04 Jan 2023

When the weather in Sydney becomes so hot it feels uncomfortable in your business or home, urgent action is required. Hiring portable air conditioning seems like the best idea. But without enough knowledge, how can you be sure to get:

  • Efficient, reliable units that appropriately suit your situation?
  • An organised quick solution?

Here we offer some tips on what to expect from a supplier before you even think about hiring anything.

What should you look for in an air conditioning supplier? 

Almost always, your needs are urgent, and someone’s health or well-being may be at stake, so it’s best to identify a provider of portable air conditioners that knows its subject matter and is also equipped to act immediately.

Reliability and fast service

This is key. Waiting too long for the provider to solve your problem doesn’t serve you well. When you need to cool down your business or home urgently, it is worsening the problem if a hire company cannot act expediently.

Efficient systems 

You’ll also want to hire portable air conditioners that are efficient and run relatively uninterrupted because your business cannot afford to lose any more productivity than it already has. Reliable suppliers regularly maintain and check the units, even offering a replacement guarantee to ease your worry. 

Variety of cooling solutions

Every situation is different, so one size doesn’t fit all. Portable units come in different forms and provide different outputs. But it may not just be air conditioning. Your business may need a combination of cooling options such as industrial fans, evaporative coolers and air conditioners. 

Ability to meet your technical needs 

When you need to hire, there is more to it than making a phone call and waiting for a supplier to show up. Look for someone who understands the dynamics of air movement and advises on locations, capacities and number of units you may need to achieve optimum temperatures. 

Reduced business downtime 

Depending on the type of business or home you have and the people affected by the heat, yours could be a critical response scenario, so deal with a supplier that alleviates costly downtime. 

How are businesses impacted by broken-down air conditioning? 

Most businesses today are heavily reliant on air conditioning and cooling in some form or the other. Without it, regular business is bound to take a nosedive. 

Uncomfortable and unproductive workforce 

Research in Australia has revealed that approximately one-third of work productivity can be lost in temperatures around 40°C. When your air conditioning system fails, within minutes, the significant change in the internal atmosphere starts to put people off their best – making them uncomfortable and unproductive

Product and equipment damage 

Some machines may also start to perform poorly in a higher temperature band, while products that have been stored for business reasons run the risk of damage. Both scenarios are likely to result in big business losses. 

Repair times can be stretched

When a Sydney heatwave hits, air conditioning breakdowns will happen all over the city  – not just at your site. Qualified air conditioner repair professionals are often stretched throughout the summer, which can push out repair times. 

Obstructive to processes and health

It is well documented how heat stress affects individual judgement, coordination and general cognitive accuracy. A sluggish workforce can make mistakes in business processes, which is detrimental to you as an employer. 

An excellent way to mitigate these issues and continue operating, as usual, is to hire commercial air conditioning in Sydney that can be provided immediately and installed. Knowing where to get fast service is critical. Avoid operating without cooling for even a single day. It will make all the difference, particularly in a factory or business.

When do you need portable air conditioning? 

While the most obvious is an air conditioner breakdown, there are other situations when your business may benefit from portable air conditioning. 

When existing air-con systems can’t cope with demands

We see this often. The external air temperature is too hot for too long for an air conditioning system to fight against it at full capacity, and it can’t adequately cool down the site. Look for a supplier that quickly calculates what portable units will supplement your existing system to lower the operating strain.

When you need business to continue, uninterrupted

A knowledgeable consultant can calculate the exact portable units required to supplement your system without an energy cost blowout. 

When it’s a pre-planned seasonal solution

Don’t be afraid to ask portable air conditioning suppliers to calculate the benefits of annually pre-booking and delivering and installing portable units when your existing system is forecast to hit peak demand. If they know their business, they can do this for you.

For duty of care in the workplace

The better providers should have knowledge of Australian industry guidelines for workplace temperature protocol.

To keep homes safe and comfortable

Excessive heat creates potentially dangerous living conditions for the elderly, allergy-prone, long-term ill, children and pets. More and more homes are turning to portable air conditioning to manage this. 

Why rent from a reliable supplier? 

A reputable and capable supplier of portable air conditioning should have a straightforward procedure such as below:

  • Arrive  promptly to view your premises to identify the optimum solution 
  • Map out ideal location/s for portable units
  • When agreed, deliver and install
  • Provides guidance on how to use it
  • Has follow-up maintenance if required

Consider other portable cooling solutions

In some cases, other portable equipment can be used to solve your heat problem. 

Evaporative coolers

To quickly cool down large spaces or machinery fast, evaporative coolers turn water from liquid to gas through evaporation to cool down room temperatures and provide good ventilation.

Industrial fans

Widely applicable and very space efficient, industrial fans provide air movement for instant comfort, particularly in factories, warehouses and production lines. 


We have identified that your need for air conditioning can be foreseen or it can be just straight out unexpected and urgent. Portable air conditioning is an effective solution, but only if it is sorted out immediately, cost-effectively, reliably and with proper knowledge. The cost to rent a portable air conditioner is worthwhile when you consider the bigger expenses of an unproductive workforce, equipment downtime and business loss. 

If possible, set aside some time to contact a reputable portable air conditioning supplier as due diligence for your home or business. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of summer with no air conditioning, taking chances sourcing portable units from a supplier that will let you down. Precision Air Rental has over 10 years of experience in the portable air conditioner hire industry. Our units have a 100% reliability record and we provide a 24-hour replacement guarantee in the rare event something goes wrong.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

Craig Boyle

Craig Boyle

Craig is the owner of Precision Air Rental and has been in the air conditioning industry for nearly 10 years. When your building is stifling hot in the middle of summer and you need help cooling it down, Craig and his team will come to the rescue!


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