7 Instances When Renting an Air Conditioner is Better than Buying

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Written by Craig Boyle on 07 Feb 2023

If you are considering buying an air conditioning solution but the idea just doesn’t feel right, then your gut instinct might be trying to tell you that the circumstances just might be more suitable for renting instead. Think about it: no major capital outlay, no installation dramas and a modern, energy-efficient solution to make your business or your home environment way more comfortable in the hot months.

We have outlined the 7 most common circumstances where renting air conditioning trumps buying. It’s all very possible that you can identify with one or some of them right now.

1. No budget to buy a new air conditioner

Justifying a budget purchase is often the main deterrent, so if you fall into this category but really crave a solution to change your summers from intolerable to comfortable, renting is ideal.

You’ll know how much it costs to rent a portable air conditioner up-front, and we can help you calculate the approximate energy costs over the agreed rental period so there are no surprises in your electricity bills.

When you rent air conditioning units, any reputable supplier will include maintenance so if it breaks down you’re not the one paying for repairs.

2. Seasonal requirements or short-term only

We all know to expect uncomfortable heat and humidity in Sydney every year from December until the end of February. So why not rent only during this period each year to beat those seasonal hazards? Bear in mind:

  • Long-range weather forecasts can’t accurately predict severe heat waves
  • In the Sydney summer, temperatures can rise dramatically in a space of hours and remain high for many days
  • Staff and family can suffer sudden heat-affected discomfort
  • Rental air conditioning is a rapid that can be upscaled or downscaled as required

3. Renting

If you don’t own the property, why would you spend money installing a fixed air conditioning system so that your landlord can benefit from it? Or worse still, yours is a business and it turns out you won’t be reimbursed for it because your landlord is the type that points to the contract showing such an inclusion is now their property.

Most residential homes that are rented – as well as some commercial premises – might at the very least have a simple and ageing split system on site which hardly beats the heat. Sometimes there is no cooling at all. So realistically, if you are eventually moving out – or indeed if you move frequently for business or residence – hiring a commercial air conditioner is the most practical way to stay cool in summer. When you move, the unit/s are picked up by the supplier and you don’t have to think about it until your next destination.

4. Need immediate cooling and don’t have time to wait for repairs

If your need is urgent, only rented air conditioning can meet it. These are the times you can’t even wait for a 24-hour turnaround. Renting is ‘near immediate’ and is an ideal way to keep people comfortable (both workplace and home). 

This becomes especially important if you run a factory, warehouse or storage facility and need to protect stock, products, machines and sensitive equipment in your business.  

5. Adding staff members for a set period of time

You might already have basic air conditioning, but is it now struggling to cope? When you add people to your business, it adds up to more body heat and more equipment being in use, thus generating heat levels that could exceed workplace safety laws. Even in your home, if more people move in for whatever reason, the general home environment becomes hotter for the same reason. And such personnel changes can happen with little or no warning.

Hiring an air conditioner for your home is a fast, easy and affordable solution that is almost instant. A skilled provider quickly calculates how many air conditioners you need to beat the level of heat challenging you. You simply send it back at the end of the summer season.

6. Capital assets require cooling

When it’s your business suffering from the effects of a Sydney heat spike, especially if you’re in a hot Western Sydney suburb, with little or no air conditioning the performance of any number of capital assets can be adversely affected by sudden temperature change. Workstation IT hardware often slows during the hottest months if the hard drive fan cannot withstand the rising internal temperatures.

If you operate a server room, heat waves are a nightmare. Server rooms basically store and manage company data flow and records. Such technology performs best in a set temperature range. Overheating can be a disaster – a blown server unit can destroy important records. If your business is in one of Sydney’s industrial regions, the building might be either from an age when thermal performance was unheard of, or it is recent but constructed to meet only the bare minimum thermal performance levels.

That’s when your production machinery, its oils and lubricants, its bearings, its components and its IT control systems can be handicapped by greater heat stress but with portable aircon for rent being on hand, managing the challenge is that much easier.

7. Relocating home or business

Relocating between houses often tosses up short-term requirements at either end of the move. There is probably chaos around you and your family and if it is hot, renting one or more air conditioning units is a sensible option. You can choose the right solution calculated specifically for your site (or sites) and it is simply returned to the provider when you don’t require it anymore.

And it’s not just people that benefit. Considering the many different personal effects kept by a household, so many items are best kept in an air conditioned requirement during a relocation.

The same reasoning can be applied to any business relocation. Whether it’s the originating site or the new premises, either could feel like an oven between December and February and rented aircon is an easy failsafe.


It’s odds-on that the majority of people only think about air conditioning when a really bad summer heat wave hits. It’s human nature to think like this. Unfortunately, the decision maker is often uncomfortable when evaluating the possible solution and it’s not uncommon to make a decision that is over-capitalised and far above the requirements. Give us a call to discuss your needs. Especially if your need is urgent, our portable aircon hire experts at Precision Air Rental will listen to your questions and can quickly identify if in fact renting is the smartest way for you to go.

Craig Boyle

Craig Boyle

Craig is the owner of Precision Air Rental and has been in the air conditioning industry for nearly 10 years. When your building is stifling hot in the middle of summer and you need help cooling it down, Craig and his team will come to the rescue!


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