7 Tips to Maximise Portable Air Conditioner Cooling


Written by Craig Boyle on 07 Jul 2021

When you need relief from the heat and your home or work air conditioner has broken down or is not up to the job, portable air conditioning hire is a perfect solution. These self-contained units are easy to use, can be moved from room to room and provide cost-efficient cooling. While it is possible to set up a portable AC unit and forget about it, there are a few things you can do to boost its cooling power.

How to maximise portable AC cooling

  1. Keep the exhaust hose as straight as it can be
  2. Close doors and windows
  3. Turn on the air conditioner before you need it
  4. Switch off unnecessary heat sources
  5. Make sure the portable air con unit is performing optimally
  6. Pick the right spot
  7. Ensure your home or business’s electrical system meets the unit’s power requirements

Let’s look at each point in a little more detail.

1) Keep the exhaust hose as straight as possible 

The purpose of the exhaust hose is to carry warm air out of the room, whether through a window, door or drop ceiling. For optimal performance, it should be straight, free of kinks and bends.

A twisted hose means that warm air won’t be extracted efficiently, and the unit has to work harder to provide better cooling. Also, moisture in the expelled air will accumulate in the hose and eventually damage the unit, shortening its service life.

2) Close doors and windows

Ensuring the efficient running of your portable air conditioner requires all doors and windows to be closed. This will prevent external warm air from coming inside and internal cool air from escaping. Open doors and windows mean your portable unit will have to work a lot harder. 

It would help if you also used available curtains and blinds to cover windows. There are two reasons for this; to protect the air conditioner from exposure to direct sunlight and stop heat from entering the room. According to the Australian government’s YourHome guide to environmentally sustainable homes, windows impact cooling and heating within a building. A home can lose up to 40% heating energy and gain up to 87% heat through windows.

3) Turn on the air conditioner before you need it

Startup the air conditioner before your workforce arrives or you plan to use a room. The reason is to maximise cooling and keep everyone comfortable. If you turn your portable AC on during the morning when the temperatures are cooler, it won’t have to use as much energy to cool the space. Try not to wait for a room to be like a furnace before turning on the AC.

4) Switch off unnecessary heat sources

Using a lot of electrical devices in a room will harm the performance of your portable air conditioner. The heat coming off lightbulbs, computers and televisions may not seem like much, but they prevent an air conditioner from cooling down a room quickly. So, turn off those not in use. According to the Compliance Code for Workplace amenities and environment, optimal temperatures between 20°C and 26°C are ideal for sedentary work.

5) Clean the filters

To ensure proper operation and efficient cooling, the portable AC unit’s filters should be cleaned regularly. This will stop them from being clogged with dust and other particles. Washing the filters in warm water with a bit of detergent at least once every few months can result in better cooling. Make sure you leave them to dry before sliding them back into the unit. For serious problems such as the AC not starting or a lack of airflow, it’s best to talk to your rental company to repair or replace it.

At Precision Air Rental, we supply Sydney homes and businesses with the latest portable AC models, which are kept spotlessly clean and in tiptop working order.

6) Chose the right location for the air conditioner

When setting up a portable air conditioner, the right position is essential so the unit works more efficiently, saving you money. Here are a few pointers to help you find the best location.

  • Ideally, the portable air conditioner should be placed near an electrical outlet and an outside window for venting and draining. The exhaust hose can vary in length, and we advise you to keep it as short and straight as possible. 
  • Check that the power cable can reach the outlet without having to stretch it. It’s advisable not to use an extension lead which could be a trip hazard.
  • Ensure the air conditioner is on flat, even ground. Don’t place it on a table or other furniture item. 
  • Place the portable AC where the cool air can flow freely. So, avoid installing it behind furniture or putting anything in front of the unit that could block the airflow. Also ensure the air inlets aren’t blocked either as this will prevent the unit from removing hot air from your room.
  • Avoid placing the AC near direct heat sources such as kitchen appliances and electronics, including big TV screens. A good rule of thumb is to keep them approximately three metres away from these devices.

7) Ensure your electrical system meets the unit’s power requirements

It is essential to have a proper outlet and electricity set up when hiring a portable air conditioner. Look for portable air conditioners with a 10 amp power socket, which is what most wall outlets in homes and businesses have. Larger portable ACs often require a 15 amp outlet which could be harder to find. Check they’re compatible with your home or business’s electrical setup when comparing air conditioners. If in doubt, your AC rental company will be able to help you.

Delivering portable air conditioners in Sydney

Avoid the heat with Precision Air Rental

At Precision Air Rental, we have an extensive range of portable cooling units that efficiently and quickly cool down shops, offices, homes, server rooms and more. In work settings, thermal comfort such as excessive heat can lead to fatigue, illness and lower productivity. Problems with air conditioning in the workplace are common but portable units will keep everyone cool until permanent solutions are found.

Whether for industrial, commercial or domestic use, our portable ACs can be hired throughout the year. For more information, check out our guide for hiring a portable air conditioner. To receive a free, no-obligation quote, call us now on 02 9119 5975.

Craig Boyle

Craig Boyle

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