Craig Boyle

What is the difference between portable evaporative cooling and air conditioning?

While air conditioners have become the norm, breakdowns and inadequate cooling remain challenges, which is where portable air ...
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What Cooling Systems Are Best Suited For Events?

Whether you’re hosting indoor gatherings or outdoor celebrations, it’s always ideal to prioritise guest comfort to ensure everything ...
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5 Situations in your Business Where It’s Time to Hire An Air Conditioner

Maintaining a comfortable and productive environment is a reasonable expectation from NSW employers. SafeWork NSW recommends optimum temperatures ...
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how much does it cost to rent a portable air conditioner

7 Instances When Renting an Air Conditioner is Better than Buying

If you are considering buying an air conditioning solution but the idea just doesn’t feel right, then your ...
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What to look for before renting portable air conditioners?

When the weather in Sydney becomes so hot it feels uncomfortable in your business or home, urgent action ...
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Direct Impact of Air Conditioning Hire on Workplace Productivity

There is no doubt summer heat affects people in their jobs. Regrettably, about two people die each year ...
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