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As the leading portable aircon rental service, we will happily deliver and install a strategic cooling system anywhere near Avalon, Collaroy, Manly, North Curl Curl and Belrose. We know the Northern Beaches and have been providing strategic cooling solutions in this part of Sydney since we first opened our doors. Though we don’t know all of the 260,000 people that live in this community, we are always happy when we get to meet new clients who reside in the areas near Narrabeen, Oxford Falls, or Brookvale. Northern Beaches are a very important area for us and we have longstanding contracts with many of the most popular businesses, institutions and properties located in this lovely oceanic neighborhood.

4.5KW Portable AC Units allow for rapid cooling in all kinds of spaces. Sometimes our customers think that these units will not be powerful enough to bring any real relief to their spaces during the most demanding times. This is quite simply inaccurate. Our state of the art commercial cooling systems are appropriate for a diverse range of applications are already operating in some of your favorite eateries, bars, and stores across Sydney. Increasingly property owners are turning to portable AC options because they see how powerful and efficient these units can really be.

It doesn’t matter whether you call first thing in the morning or in the dead of night, we staff customer service agents around the clock and are always happy to discuss the best strategic climate control options for you. If you are ready to receive it, we are happy to deliver your portable ac unit, anywhere in the Northern Beaches, at any time of the day or night. That’s right, we are a true 24 hours a day, 7 days a week portable air conditioner rental service and we will bring our systems wherever our customers need us most.

The Northern Beaches Best Portable Air Conditioners

Precision Air Rental has built a reputation for reliability and that is why so many in the Northern Beaches count on our portable air conditioners. Our customers know that we completely back the machines we rent out, if anything goes wrong or if one of our units needs to be serviced or replaced in any way, we are happy to make things right as quickly as we possibly can. We don’t use 3.6KW or 4.4KW machines, we only offer true, commercial grade, 4.5KW portable air conditioners

We know that our air conditioning units provide real comfort and quality of life benefits to the people we serve. For some these benefits might simply mean feeling cool and refreshed after a long day or work but for others, the respite of air conditioning can truly offer a saving grace that boosts health and promotes wellness. Many business owners tell us that after installing our systems, their employees are more chipper, motivated and inspired. The investment made in air conditioning can really pay for itself when it means the people around you are able to give the very best of themselves.

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Isn’t it time you considered what a state of the art 4.5KW portable air conditioning system could do for you?

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