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During a hot summer, you tend to run your air conditioner more than usual, which may cause the system to overheat and break down if it is not properly maintained. A portable air conditioner is an effective temporary air cooling alternative to ensure you stay comfortable in your home or workplace.


We are just a phone call away if you need a temporary air conditioner for your home, office, factory or warehouse, offering a range of options for different settings. During our call, we take the time to understand your specific needs so we can provide the right portable air conditioner for you.


Once we understand your situation and needs, we provide you with a no-obligation quote that includes everything from delivery to installation to collection. You can get back to your day-to-day tasks without having to do a thing.

Delivery & Set Up

We offer fast delivery and set-up. We can configure our air conditioners to cool complex spaces like warehouses, server rooms and event halls to ensure that hot air is ducted out of the area and the air conditioners are set up inconspicuously.


Our friendly customer support is available to you 24/7 in case of an issue. We carefully maintain and clean our air conditioners, and as a result have a 100% uptime track record for our systems, which means you can feel confident your rental air conditioner will work perfectly for you all day every day when you hire with us.

Our Range of Portable Air Conditioners

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4.5 kW Commercial Air Conditioner

Our 4.5kW commercial air conditioners for hire can cool uninterrupted spaces up to 30-sqm each, providing efficient and quiet cooling so your workforce can resume their everyday tasks with minimal distractions. Since they can be operated off standard 10amp power outlets, there are no special installations needed.

36" Evaporative Cooler

Our 36'' evaporative cooler is a good choice for work sites and factories that grapple with hot, dry conditions. They constant water supply to run and can efficiently cool large spaces up to 270-sqm.

5.7 kW Air Conditioner

Our reverse cycle 5.7kW air conditioners provide efficient cooling for homes, apartments, home offices and smaller commercial spaces like individual office rooms. They come with a variable louvres for greater swing and speed control while cooling.

650mm Industrial Fan

Our 650mm industrial fans are perfect for regulating airflow, controlling pollutants and cooling spaces without sacrificing energy efficiency. They can easily be used with other cooling technologies to take the pressure off your existing air conditioner.

The Benefits of Precision Air Rental

Best selection of portable air conditioners

At Precision Air Rental, our state-of-the-art air conditioners will provide you with quick and efficient cooling solutions at reasonable prices without sacrificing performance.

Fast delivery

Our fast delivery and installation is reliable and quick, allowing us to help you within hours instead of days.

An expert team who know air conditioners

We understand the air conditioning industry inside and out, and are able to tailor cooling solutions to your specific needs.

Reliable Customer Support

Offering uncompromising customer support, you can reach us any time of the day or night in the event of an issue.

Other Suburbs We Service

Campbelltown is a large community with an array of new and older suburbs. The local areas has a good mix of residential, commercial, educational and industrial properties that may require temporary commercial or home air conditioning hire from time to time.

Harrington Park
Oran Park
Harrington Grove
Gregory Hills
Mount Annan
Blair Athol
Denham Court
Macquarie Fields
Macarthur Heights
Glen Alpine

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need portable air conditioning?

Campbelltown hits temperatures of over 45 degrees in summers, which makes it uncomfortable for homes, offices, industrial facilities and warehouses. Properties will poor insulation makes summers even more unbearable, especially if the existing air conditioning breaks down or is unable to keep up with the needs of people inside. Portable air conditioning is a great temporary solution to help you stay cool and comfortable – either for a few weeks or all throughout summer depending on your specific needs.

How much does commercial air conditioning cost?

The cost for commercial portable air conditioner hire in Campbelltown is based entirely on your needs. Everything we offer is tailored to every individual customer. To give you a benchmark, portable commercial air conditioners cost between $450 and $550 for the first week with delivery and installation and between $200 and $300 per week after. This is a great reference guide to help you better understand the approximate costs of hiring a portable air conditioner in Campbelltown and surrounding suburbs.

How will I know what air conditioning I need?

Most of our clients start off by having no idea of what they need. A simple chat with us (no-obligation whatsoever) is a great start to put things into perspective. During our chat, we get to know what sort of building and area you are trying to cool down, which allows us to organise a quote based on your needs. If necessary, we can even inspect your site before quoting. All our solutions are tailored to your needs, whether you need an industrial fan, evaporative cooler or air conditioner. Just give us a call to find out how we can help.

Locals Rely on Precision Air Rental For a Reason

Just like other suburbs across South-Western Sydney, Campbelltown regularly hits 45 degree plus temperatures in the peak of summer. This puts immense pressure on the existing air conditioning systems for homes, offices and industrial properties, especially if they have not been properly maintained in the past.

If you are looking for portable air conditioners in Campbelltown, Precision Air Rental is a great choice because we understand the local area and can reach you on the same day, making sure delivery and installation is completed within hours, not days. This gets you up and running quickly, so you don’t have to deal with the discomfort of a broken down air conditioner for longer than necessary.

Offering cooling solutions for commercial offices, industrial facilities, educational institutions, factories, warehouses and residential homes across Campbelltown and surrounding suburbs, our portable air conditioners are the newest in the market. More importantly, we clean and maintain them on a regular basis – allowing the benefit of a 100% up-time record. We combine that with unparalleled 24/7 customer support and a 24-hour replacement guarantee in case of an issue.

If you’d like to talk about portable air conditioning hire in Campbelltown, call now!

A Dependable Company You Can Trust

In the last few years, we have developed a strong and trustworthy reputation for delivering the best quality air conditioner products combined with exceptional customer service at every step of the way.

Whether you run a manufacturing facility or warehouse in Minto or Ingleburn or a retail shop in Macarthur, you want to make sure your employees remain cool, comfortable, and productive. If you live in the local community, you’ll naturally want to make sure your family is well taken care of when the outside temperatures soar.

Temporary air conditioning is just the answer when your existing air conditioner fails or when you have to schedule regular maintenance. It keeps the space cool until you can get your cooling system fixed – making sure there is no discomfort in the interim.

We treat your premises with a great deal of respect, making sure there are no issues. We’ll be in and out quickly so you can go back to your routine with minimal interruptions. Putting our customers at the forefront is one of the many reasons why we have gained so much trust among homes and businesses in the local Campbelltown community.

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