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Precision Air Rental: The Northern Suburb’s 4.5KW Portable Air Conditioner Rental Service

Since the very beginning of our operations, Precision Air Rental has been hiring extremely powerful, energy efficient, commercial grade, 4.5KW Portable Air Conditioners to families and businesses across the Northern Suburbs. These units bring soothing and cooling relief to holiday rentals, places of business and family homes all over the Northern Suburbs from Dundas to Ryde, Woolwich to Beecroft. It really doesn’t matter where in the Northern Suburbs you are, Precision Air Rental is always happy to discuss bringing a strategic temporary air conditioning cooling solution to a property near you.

Air conditioners deliver cooling air which makes it easier to sleep at night and often leads to greater productivity during the day. Businesses such as restaurants, bars, night clubs often need strategic cooling solutions so that they can keep their customers comfortable and happy to return, again and again. Many of the businesses we rent our portable air conditioners to rely on them to create the ambiance and climate they need to remain profitable. If you have been losing business because your customers can’t stand the heat, maybe it’s time you considered what the cooling comfort of commercial grade air conditioning can do for you?

The Northern Suburbs Commercial Grade Portable Air Conditioning Hire Service

Sometimes our customers will ask us why we don’t offer 3.6KW or 4.4KW portable air conditioners. The answer is really simple. Precision Air Rental only rents out true commercial grade units because we have found they offer the perfect combination of utility and efficiency. Unlike 3.6KW and 4.4KW portable ACs, the units we use, 4.5KW models, offer true commercial grade cooling capacity. That’s why large properties of all kinds rely on our machines to rapidly deliver cooling comfort, where and when it is needed most.

Many of our customers tell us that our portable air conditioners make their lives so much easier. Now, when the heat and humidity makes inside living and working nearly unbearable, they know they can turn to us and we will happily deliver one of our powerful air conditioners. While many customers use our devices long term, for some, these portable air conditioners simply offer additional support and respite during times of need. This solution is a real benefit for those whose properties might not be able to have traditional cooling systems installed.

Calmer, Cooler and More Refreshed

Precision Air Rental is Sydney’s premier portable air conditioner rental service. We have been working with properties all over New South Wales since the beginning and are always happy to forge new relationships with customers who will benefit from our strategic cooling solutions.

The Northern Suburbs is an important region of Sydney for us to operate in and we are committed to serving this community. We offer a true 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service and will happily deliver a 4.5KW portable air conditioning unit anywhere in the Northern Suburbs, at any time of day or night.

If you are near Henley, Epping, or Melrose Park and want to learn more about how Precision Air Rental’s 4.5KW air conditioners can help you get the climate just right, call us at +02 9119 5975!

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