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Precision Air Rental is happy to provide air conditioner rental service the community of Canterbury Bankstown. Comprised of 72 square kilometers, Canterbury-Bankstown is a large area which more than 350,000 Australians call home. Administered by the Canterbury-Bankstown Council, this local government area, one of the newest in Australia was established 12 May 2016. This area is home to the iconic Bankstown Railway Line and the natural beauty of the Georges River. This area is considered by many to be one of the most attractive for young families hoping to establish homes around Sydney.

As a full service air conditioning rental business, Precision Air Rental is always happy to deliver and install a 4.5KW portable air conditioner anywhere in the area around Yagoona, Bass Hill, Earlwood or Padstow. We know the Canterbury Bankstown area well and many customers from this part of New South Wales count on us to provide strategic climate control solutions driven by our state of the art, portable air conditioners.

Canterbury Bankstown’s Strategic Cooling Rental Firm

Portable climate control systems such as 4.5KW or 4.8KW air conditioners provide customers with the ability to move cooling to where it is needed most. Typically 4.8KW portable ACs are only utilized for short periods of time due to the tremendous expense of running them. Precision Air Rental is happy to rent out state of the art, 4.5KW air conditioners.

Many choose portable air conditioning units because they are extremely efficient and can help to reduce costs. Finally, because these units also dehumidify air, they can bring relief that goes beyond simply reductions in temperature. For many people, humidity can trigger breathing issues in the worst cases and represents a nuisance which negatively contributes to comfort.

Being able to address humidity, while also bringing cool and refreshing air to your space could be just what you need to boost the productivity and inspiration of your family or work force. It really doesn’t matter why you are considering a 4.5KW portable air conditioner, if you have a question or concern of any kind about how one of these units could help to improve the quality of your life, our customer service department is standing by and waiting to field your call.

The Comfort of Cool

Precision Air Rental is Sydney’s top portable air conditioner rental service. We have the machines you need to rapidly cool your space. An investment in climate control can help your employees and customers feel more at ease. It’s a safe choice that will pay for itself. Just imagine how refreshing you could feel. If you are anywhere near a Canterbury Bankstown Suburbs like Greenacre, Milperra or Sefton, all you need to do is call us at +02 9119 5975 and let us help get the climate just right for you!

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