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Our Portable Air Conditioning Products For Hire

At Precision Air Rental, we stock the latest, energy efficient portable air conditioners for hire in Kirrawee and surrounding suburbs. Whether you are in an office, commercial building, retail shop, industrial facility or warehouse, we have you covered with reliable cooling solutions guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

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Why Precision Air Rental

Fast Delivery

We make sure your discomfort is minimised by providing fast delivery and installation in case of a breakdown with your air conditioner.

Convenient and Portable Air Conditioners

Our air conditioners are convenient and can be placed in inconspicuous locations to reduce any disruptions to your daily schedules.

Excellent Customer Support

We give you complete peace of mind by providing 24/7 customer support, which means we are always reachable in case of any issue.

Expert Cooling Advice for Residents and Businesses

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or manager, we work closely with you and provide expert cooling advice for your specific needs.

Our Process


Your first step is to give us a call and let us know your situation, especially if you have an emergency or are planning scheduled maintenance of your existing cooling system. From there, we work closely with you to determine the best course of action.


Once we better identify your needs, we provide you with an industry-leading quote that covers everything from delivery and installation to dismantling and removal. There is nothing you need to do except call us.


In an emergency, we provide fast delivery and installation after taking into account your needs. If you have scheduled maintenance, we organise a date and time for delivery and installation that is best suited to you.


We have built a strong reputation not just for the quality of our products, but also for the kind of support we provide. From well-maintained air conditioners to round-the-clock availability, every customer knows they can rely on us from start to finish.

Service Locations

Kirrawee has a mix of commercial and residential properties. Commercial and industrial facilities take up about 50 percent of the area to the train line’s north. Suburbs around Kirrawee also have a combination of residential, commercial, industrial and educational facilities that may require temporary cooling from time to time.

Oyster Bay
Taren Point

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need portable air conditioning in Kirrawee?

During peak summer in Kirrawee and surrounding suburbs in the Sutherland Shire, it is not uncommon to see temperatures crossing 40 degrees on the hottest days. If the existing air conditioning system is unable to keep up with a building’s cooling needs or in case of a breakdown, conditions can become unbearable for your employees and customers, which is why temporary portable air conditioner rentals provide an ideal alternative. Keeping your spaces cool and comfortable, you can choose these temporary solutions for a few weeks or months depending on your situation.

What facilities do you provide cooling solutions for?

Precision Air Rental stocks a variety of cooling solutions for different settings in Kirrawee and surrounding suburbs. From commercial air conditioners for large offices, retail or industrial facilities to home air conditioners for apartments, homes and townhouses, we cover it all. We also have industrial fans for factories and facilities where good airflow and cooling is required. In addition, our evaporative coolers are ideal for hot and dry spaces or where doors and windows need to be kept open regularly. Just give us a call and we can help you find the best solution of either standalone products or combinations.

How do you work out cooling needs of commercial or home spaces?

Our commercial air conditioners provide uninterrupted cooling for spaces up to 30-sqm, which is a good benchmark to determine how many you will need depending on the space of your facility. Typically, you may need one commercial air conditioner per room in your office or industrial facility. For homes, you may need one unit per room to keep it cool. We will talk through the entire process with you and understand your specific needs before delivering a tailored solution for your needs.

Precision Air Rental

At Precision Air Rental, we stock a range of portable air conditioners for different settings at industry-competitive prices. Whether you need standalone air conditioners or a combination of evaporative coolers and industrial fans, we are the team to rely on because we are well prepared, efficient and quick – providing you with fast delivery and installation, along with excellent customer support and a 24-hour replacement guarantee.

Having serviced local businesses, homes and industrial facilities in Kirrawee and surrounding suburbs, we know the area well and can give you accurate timeframes for delivery and installation, along with any other professional cooling advice you may need.

Our goal is to make sure your comfort is maximised without the stress of heat and humidity on the hottest summer days in Southern Sydney. Our experienced professionals get in and out fast, which means you can go back to your normal routine with minimal interruptions – while enjoying a cool and comfortable environment at all times.

If you ever need portable air conditioner hire in Kirrawee, just give the team at Precision Air Rental a call. We have you covered!

We Keep Kirrawee Locals Cool During Summer

Whether you are an industrial facility in Kirrawee or a retail shop in Menai, cooling is a vital part of your business – especially to keep your customers and workforce comfortable while protecting your products from any heat-related damage. Precision Air Rental has been keeping businesses, homes, industries and warehouses cool in the Sutherland Shire for a few years now, which puts us in a strong position to understand your need for quick and efficient cooling solutions.

From regularising airflow to cooling down spaces to adding moisture to the air where necessary, we have a solution for you. Our products are some of the newest in the market with a 100% up-time record that is backed by our regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. This ensures reliability and performance without compromise.

We understand how much our customers rely on us to provide excellent cooling solutions, and we work hard to meet and exceed your expectations every time. So, no matter when you need temporary air conditioning, just give the experts at Precision Air Central a call and we’ll be there to help!