Fast and Reliable Portable Air Conditioner Hire for Penrith

Cool your home or workplace today with Sydney's cleanest and most reliable temporary air conditioners.

What is Portable Air Conditioner Hire Suitable For?

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Penrith Homes

We help keep Penrith residents cool and comfortable, especially on the days when the temperature soars past 45 degrees.

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Businesses and Offices in Penrith

We provide an array of solutions to help businesses stay cool to keep customers walking through your doors and staying in store on scorching days.

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Penrith Industrial Facilities

Effective commercial air conditioners for warehouses, factories, lunch rooms, individual offices and security rooms, providing general and spot cooling solutions.

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Penrith Events

As a vibrant community, Penrith is home to several events year-round. We work closely with organisers to deliver customised cooling solutions.

Popular Air Conditioners Rentals in Penrith

If you need portable air conditioner hire in Penrith, Precision Air Rental has you covered. We have a range of products that cater to diverse cooling needs, whether you run a restaurant, cafe, medical centre, retail store, warehouse, distribution centre, factory or even just for your home.

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4.5 kW Commercial Air Conditioner

The 4.5kW commercial air conditioner is an effective cooling solution for an array of retail and industrial settings because it is capable of cooling a large space up to 30-sqm with minimal disruptions.

5.7 kW Air Conditioner

The 5.7kW air conditioner provides quiet and effective cooling and is the ideal choice for smaller offices, home offices or residences across Penrith and surrounding areas.

36" Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler could be a good solution for settings plagued by hot, dry conditions like factories, warehouses and industrial settings.

650mm Industrial Fan

An industrial fan provides excellent airflow and ventilation, and is an excellent alternative in spaces where traditional air conditioning is ineffective like open-air events, gyms and factories.

Why Call Precision Air Rental?

The Best Selection of Portable Air Conditioning Products

Precision Air Rental has a range of portable air conditioners for hire in Penrith for all settings – residential, commercial, industrial, or events. We understand everyone has a unique need and tailor our products and services to suit them.

Fast Cooling Solutions

Offering fast service, we provide fast cooling solutions in the event of a breakdown of your existing air conditioner, allowing you to resume normal operations with minimal downtime.

Reliable Customer Support

We don't just set and forget. We are committed to superior customer support and are available 24/7 to help you out in case of any issue.

Air Conditioning Hire Experts

We have been in the industry for a long time and use products with the latest technologies to offer great performance, energy efficiency and 100% up-time.

Nearby Suburbs We Service

Penrith is a large community with a number of old and newer neighbourhoods surrounding it today. Plenty of new developments in the area have resulted in more homes, businesses, warehouses, retail facilities and factories being built in the local area.

Penrith (North and South)
Glenmore Park
Cambridge Park and Cambridge Gardens
Jordan Springs
Claremont Meadows
Emu Plains
Emu Heights
Mulgoa Rise
Oxley Park
St Mary's
St Clair

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a temporary air conditioner?

As a business, you cannot afford to lose any opportunity to draw in your customers. If your air conditioner fails and you fail to provide an alternative, there is a good chance your customers will go elsewhere, especially on those 45-degree days that are all too common in Penrith. Similarly, if you run a factory or warehouse, you need to make sure your products and employees are safe from the harmful effects of extreme heat. For homes, especially older properties with less insulation, staying indoors during summer can be extremely difficult. Temporary air conditioning makes indoor spaces bearable and comfortable once again.

How quickly can you provide air conditioning services?

As we provide fast service, we get to quickly if your air conditioner breaks down – offering you a temporary solution within a few hours. This is a great benefit to employers, managers and even households where indoor temperatures can soar in summer and fans are not effective enough.

How hot does Penrith and surrounding areas become?

In January 2020, Penrith recorded a reading of 48.9 degrees, making it the hottest place on earth at the time. On days where the heat reaches extreme levels anywhere past the 40’s, it can be extremely uncomfortable. Temporary cooling is the best way to get some respite if your existing air conditioner fails. Some Penrith residents have hired home air conditioners for the whole summer.

Experience Quality at Precision Air Rental

Precision Air Rental has been servicing Penrith and surrounding suburbs for several years now. We are familiar with hot summer conditions in the local area, putting us in the advantageous position to provide quality cooling solutions tailored to your specific business or household needs.

Our portable air conditioners are top of the line and equipped with the latest technologies to maximise cooling and reliability for your Penrith home, office, factory or warehouse. With our quick service, a 100% up-time record and 24-hour replacement guarantee along with round-the-clock customer support, we give our clients complete peace of mind knowing they can depend on us at all times.

No two homes or businesses are alike. Customers have unique requirements based on their specific situation. That is why we tailor our products and services to your requirement – whether you need one type of product or a combination. If you need a quality temporary air conditioner for a few weeks or to ride out the summer, Precision Air Rental has you covered.

Penrith's Trusted Provider Of Air Conditioning Rentals

A large community already, Penrith is ever growing with the sheer number of new developments in the area. Our local experience extends to nearly a decade now. Over these years, we have worked with clients in older and newer residential, commercial or industrial settings, making sure their spaces are cool and comfortable during scorching hot weather conditions. This experience has supported a strong understanding of the diverse needs of the local community.

Our high-quality commercial air conditioners, exceptional customer service and tailored solutions are just some of the reasons why Precision Air Rental enjoys a high percentage of repeat and referral local customers. We combine these with a strong track record of building meaningful relationships with our clients by paying close attention to their issues and only delivering solutions they genuinely need.

Our commitment to honest customer service has given us the opportunity to grow our reputation as one of the most trustworthy providers of air conditioning rentals in Penrith and surrounding suburbs. Let’s talk about your specific cooling needs today!