4.4KW Portable Air Conditioners

Precision Air Rental 4.4KW Portable Air Conditioner Guide

Precision Air Rental is the premier portable air conditioning rental service provider serving families and businesses in Sydney. Our portable air conditioning units are the perfect solution for so many properties regardless of if they are residential, commercial or industrial. Our customers turn to us because they know we offer a reliable service that they can count on for providing cooling comfort to their properties. Portable Air Conditioners are offering customers from all across Sydney true comfort and relief.

Portable AC Units allow for rapid cooling in all kinds of spaces. Sometimes our customers think that these units will not be powerful enough to bring any real relief to their spaces during the most demanding times. This is quite simply inaccurate. Our state of the art commercial cooling systems is appropriate for a diverse range of applications and are already operating in some of your favorite eateries, bars, and stores across Sydney. Increasingly property owners are turning to portable AC options because they see how powerful and efficient these units can really be.

The 4.4KW Portable Air Conditioner Guide

4.4KW Portable Air Conditioners deliver cooling comfort to rooms between 42-56 square meters. Though more powerful than a 3.6KW Portable AC, these 4.4KW models are really only utilised for small scale cooling of mostly domestic properties. Though they offer additional cooling power and are relatively efficient compared to 3.6KW Models, these units are not true commercial grade models. Because their applications are relatively limited, Precision Air Rental does not deliver or install these units.

Portable Air Conditioning Units in the 4.4KW range often offer more complex settings, benefits and features than the smaller and lower grade 3.6KW units. These 4.4KW AC models frequently feature both cooling and reverse flow modes. It is not uncommon for units in this class to offer additional benefits such as remote controls, sleep timers and automatic shut off settings. These additional features may allow these units to operate more efficiently.

Though 4.4KW Portable Air Conditioners are an excellent choice for cooling many large size rooms and are appropriate for properties of many types, these are not true commercial strength climate control technology. Precision Air Rental, being a premier strategic cooling rental service provider, only recommends, delivers and installs true commercial grade 4.5KW Portable Air Conditioners.

The Precision Air Rental Difference

As the premier provider of strategic cooling solutions, Precision Air Rental is happy to only rent or hire state of the art 4.5KW Commercial Grade Portable Air Conditioners. These units are powerful, efficient and highly effective at bringing cooling comfort to a wide range of properties.

As a true portable air conditioning hire service, you can count on Precision Air Rental 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to only supply the absolute best, most top of the line 4.5KW Portable Air Conditioners.

To learn more about what a 4.5KW System can do to bring comfort to your space, call us today at +02 9626 6945

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