3.6 KW Portable Air Conditioners

Precision Air Rental 3.6KW Portable Air Conditioner Guide

Since the very beginning of our operations, Precision Air Rental has been committed to providing Sydney with strategic portable cooling solutions. Homes, rental units and businesses of all kinds turn to us to help them bring cooling relief to their properties. The middle of the summer is frequently a time where we see an increase in demand for our services but truthfully in a country as warm and potentially humid as Australia, we find ourselves designing solutions for our customers year round.

Sometimes our portable air conditioning units are only installed for a short period of time such as during large event like a concert. In other cases these units provide cooling comfort for indefinite amounts of time. Portable air conditioning systems offer customers amazing utility and flexibility. They are appropriate choices for a wide range of properties and work well in commercial business of all kinds all over New South Wales.

The 3.6KW Portable Air Conditioner

3.6KW Portable Air Conditioners are a type of freestanding climate control solution that can effectively bring refreshing and cooling comfort to relatively smaller spaces of about 19-28 square meters. These units are effective and reasonably efficient at bringing cooling comfort to spaces of this size. Due to the limited application of these models though, they are not units that Precision Air Rental hires out.

There are many similarities between 3.6KW Portable Air Conditioners and other models more fit for larger spaces or more demanding environments. Like larger portable models designed for more commercial applications, 3.6 KW Portable AC Units usually feature some sort of exhaust system. These exhausts allow hazardous waste fumes from the refrigeration process to be removed from your space so that you do not breathe them in or otherwise come into contact with them. It is essential that all exhaust elements on portable air conditioning units be allowed to reach the outside environment.

Some 3.6KW Portable AC Units will additionally have reservoir collection spaces which collect condensation from the cooling process. These will need to be emptied regularly for these devices to operate as they are supposed to. On units that do not have reservoirs which need to be emptied, condensation is removed from the machine and your space through the exhaust systems.

Often, an exhaust system on a 3.6KW Portable Air Conditioner is a hose which attaches right to the device and allows fumes from the refrigeration process and or moisture to be released to exterior environment. It is never a safe or smart idea to improperly operate any electronic device. Improper usage or ventilation could create health problems for your family or staff. Even though 3.6KW Portable Air Conditioners are perfectly safe to use in living environments, it is still important to follow all instructions and guidelines for use.

Because of the extremely limited applications for utilizing a 3.6KW Portable Air Conditioner to cool anything but the most modest of spaces, Precision Air Rental does not rent these units out.

The Precision Air Rental Difference

As the premier provider of strategic cooling solutions, Precision Air Rental is happy to only rent or hire state of the art 4.5KW Commercial Grade Portable Air Conditioners.

To learn more about what a 4.5KW System can do to bring comfort to your space, call us today at +02 9626 6945

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